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Not just for women.  You know somebody (or you are that somebody!)- the person who could use a day to pamper and refresh.  This gift is that excuse!  We promise, after experiencing these scents, you’ll be back for more!

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  • Body Lotion Choice*
  • Lip Balm Scent*
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The Pamper/Spa Gift Basket is unlike any other guilty pleasure you’ve ever given.  It includes:

1- Fuzzy Socks– 100% polyester, one size fits most.  Color will be chosen based on availability and gender. 
2- Callus/Skin Scrub Brush– 4 tools in one durable, two-sided handle- a brush, a pumice, a metal file and an emery file
3- Exfoliating Wash Sponge– 3 inches, lathers well, removes dead skin
4- Hair Drying (holding) Twist Towel– Keep your hair out of the way or use it to dry your hair in 1/2 the time. Microfiber hair wrap is super absorbent, light weight, fast drying. 24 3/4 x 9.5.  Color choice: light pink, light purple or yellow.
5- Bandana– pink, white, purple, teal
6- Mini Pail of Faux Greenery– plastic mounted in mini silver pail, Pail: 2.5 “x 2.5” Total size: 6.5″ x 5″ or faux cactus in white square planter.
7- Hot/Cold Eye Compress– re-usable, flexible, freezable and microwavable, Non-toxic, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free
8- Emery Board/Buffing Block– Salon quality file; 100 or 180 grit double sided emery board; prevent damaged nails; 4 step buffer blocks for a natural polish; file edges; remove ridges; smooth and shine
9- Your Choice of Finger Nail Polish (Extendable back scratcher is an option for Men)– Long-lasting, chip-resistant nail lacquer. Quick-dry formula. DRAMATIC COLORS– City Never Sleeps (clear pink/blue gel with multi-colored glitters), Shooting Star (clear orange gel with multi-colored glitters), Born to the Purple (clear fuchsia with chunky purple glitters), OR DAY COLORS– Holo Chrome blue, Holo Pink, Holo Green, Holo Yellow, Holo Orange, Holo PurpleFor men the fingernail polish will be substituted with an extendable back scratcher
10- Your Choice of Peppermint Foot and Sore Muscle Cream OR Peppermint Foot Scrub– Peppermint Tired Feet & Sore Muscle Cream: 4 oz, A true friend of aching feet and tired sore muscles. Peppermint lotion serves to relief some pain, try on general aches and neck & shoulder discomfort. Many diabetics have used the peppermint lotion cream with great success! OR Peppermint Foot Scrub- 4 oz , real natural peppermint soaked defoliants massage away the blahs and re-energize you as your feet come alive
11- Your Choice of Epsom & Sea Salt Soak OR Sea Salt Scrub– Epsom & Sea Salt Soak- 16 oz, scented bath salt will soothe the mind and aid in muscle tension relief and let you take a bath delighted in the scent of a favorite fragrance. Safe for most hot tubs and Jacuzzis, Scent Choices- Skinny Dippin’, Fresh Eucalyptus, Summermelon OR Seat Salt Scrub- 12 oz, coconut and Jojoba oils. Will exfoliate, rejuvenate and moisturize.
12- Your Choice of Natural Silk Body Lotion or Shea Butter Lotion– Shea Butter Silk- 8 oz, all natural. Your skin’s new best friend. Rich emollient will moisturize, heal, soften and love your skin OR Luxury Silk Lotion- 8.5 oz, Contains coconut and jojoba oils, hydrolyzed oat protein and enriched with shea butter. No fillers or paraben. A luxurious feel and moisturizing for your skin . 
13- Your Choice of Natural Soap Bar– 4.2 oz made with real silk, rich shea butter and jojoba, goat emollient & intense moisture
14- Your Choice of Natural Body Wash– Bath Gel ingredients are: Saponified organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba ,shea butter, glycerin/vegetable gum extract, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract, fragrance &/or color
15- Your Choice of Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm– all natural, luxurious oils- no filler oils, soothing power of aloe, shea, jojoba oils, size approximately .15 oz; Scent choices- 
16- Your Choice of Scented Candle– all natural soy, choice, of 14oz tin (2.5 x 3.75″)Burn Time = 80-90 Hours OR 8 oz mason jar (3.5 x 2.75″)
Burn Time = 50-60 Hours.

** Suggested EXTRAS:

Bath & Body Works $25 Gift Card
Blue-Tooth Wireless Speaker
Cold Therapy Bag
Bath Pillow
Face Wash/Scrub Combo Pack
Lavender Bath Bombs
Loofah Soap

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Container Choice

, , , , , , , , , ,

Body Lotion Choice

Shea Butter- Cabana Coconut, Shea Butter- Clean Cotton, Shea Butter- Secret Love, Shea Butter- Sweet Pea, Shea Butter- Trailblazer (for men), Silk Lotion- Cabana Coconut, Silk Lotion- Clean Cotton, Silk Lotion- Secret Love, Silk Lotion- Sweet Pea, Silk Lotion- Fresh Snow, Silk Lotion- Trailblazer (for men), Silk Lotion- So Sexy for Men (for men)

Body Wash Scent

, , , , ,

Sea Salt Choice

Soak- Sinus Relief, Soak- Lavender Tea Tree, Soak- Sandalwood Vanilla, Soak- Fresh Eucalpytus, Soak- Sweetgrass Wild Violets, Soak- Secret Love, Soak- Patchouli Desire (for men), Scrub- Fresh Summermelon, Scrub- Skinny Dippin', Scrub- Fresh Eucalpytus, The Gentleman (for men)

Peppermint Choice

Cream, Scrub

Candle Scent Choice

, , , , , , , , , ,

Soap Scent Choice

, , , , , , ,

Lip Balm Scent

, , , ,

Bandana Color Choice

, , ,

Fingernail Polish Choice

, , , , , , , ,

Pick Choice

None, Smiley Face, Congratulations- Cursive, Thank You- Sky Blue, Thank You- Light Pink, Thank You- Lime Green, Thank You- Purple, Have a Nice Day- Bee with Flower, Get Well Soon- Sky Blue, Get Well Soon- White Block Letters, Get Well- Light Pink, Get Well Soon Lime Green, Get Well Soon- Purple, Happy Birthday- White Block Letters, Happy Birthday Balloons- Sky Blue, Happy Birthday Balloons- Red, Happy Birthday Balloons- Lime Green, Happy Birthday Balloons- Purple, I Love You- Cursive, I Love You- Red, I Love You- Pink, Happy Valentine's Day- Cursive, #1 Mom- Light Pink, #1 Mom- Purple, Thinking of You Parrot, #1 Assistant- Purple, #1 Assistant- Lime Green, #1 Assistant- Sky Blue, #1 Assistant- Light Pink, Happy Holidays- Red, Happy Holidays Green, Merry Christmas

Hair Wrap Towel Color Choice

Light Pink, Light Purple, Yellow


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