New Kitten Gift



All new kitty owners need help at the beginning.  This gift welcomes a new kitty into any home with ease




1- Your Choice of Cat Mug- White “Meow” mug- 17 Ounce capacity, dishwasher safe, 5″ W x 3.5″ H x 6″ L  OR  Black, “Whiskers” mug- 17 oz capacity, dishwasher safe, paw print inside, 4.5″ x 5.78″
2- 7 Pack Cat Toys- Set includes a rainbow foam ball, a squeaky mouse, a whiffle ball with a bell inside, a clear ball with a spinning cat/fish disk inside, a wheel with a bell inside and two stuffed canvas catnip toys with elastic cords and bells
3- Tease Wand- 19 inch wand has a faux feather boa that your cat simply cannot resist
4- Litter Liner Bags- 10 plastic bags per box, provides an easy and hygienic way to dispose of used cat litter. Fits most standard size pans. Completely disposable.  Measures: 28″ x 24″
5- Litter Scoops- 2 piece set,easily clean clumping and non-clumping litters
6- Cat Collar With Bell- plastic patterned Cat Collar With bell features multiple colors and patterns with a brightly colored bell. Total length is approximately 12 1/2″ 
7- Grooming Mitt- Ideal for all coat types, features a comfortable, padded mitt . Can be used wet or dry. For right or left handed. Measures approximately 8″ x 7″
8- Hand Sanitizer- 3 oz, Kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds
9- Your Choice of Cat Key Chain- Bejeweled Hello Kitty  OR  Kitty with bell
10- Book: I just got a Kitten.  What do I do? (PR)- Mordecai Siegal. The only book written specifically for the baffled “parent” of a new itten, taking readers through the many milestones and challenges of raising a healthy kitten
11- Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats- 6.3-oz. pouch, flavor: Tantalizing Turkey. Delightfully crunchy on the outside and scrumptiously soft and creamy on the inside
12- Purina Whisker Lickins Cat Treats- 4-Ounce Canister, Flavor: tuna, artar Control Crunchy & Yummy

** Book Policy: You will see PR (previously read) and N (new) by our book selections. This will tell you if the book you are choosing has been previously read or is brand new. All previously read books are in great condition, have full findings, contain all pages and present no glaring defects- but they are not brand new. This is done to keep the cost down and in hopes that you or your gift recipient will recycle the book when you no longer need it. If the only option for a book is PR and you require a new one- please let us know and it can be arranged, but will have an additional cost.

** Suggested EXTRAS:

Spray Bottle
Fleece Pet Blanket
3 Photo Love Frame

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