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  • price does not include price of gift items.  See description below for details
  • $20 price is waived if total gift is over $100




If you’re the kind of person that puts a little bit of extra into everything you do- gift giving is no different and you want that perfect gift.  Lulu’s can help you.  Purchase this gift and our gift specialist will reach out to you to get more information on your recipient- as well as your ideas- and then work with you to make it unique.  You can choose a theme and let us do some shopping for ideas- or you can just give us details about your recipient (age, hobbies, characteristics, likes/dislikes- it’s a 4 page questionnaire) and we can come up with our own ideas to run by you.

This gift is a perfect anniversary gift for those special parents or grandparents, retirement gift for that boss who has everything or birthday gift for that special someone.  There is no better feeling than receiving a gift that is so personal it couldn’t be for anybody else.

  • The price above does not include the price of your gift items.  These will be priced separately and cleared with you before purchase.


  • the price does include phone and email attention with you (as many as it takes) to brain-storm, develop, create and put together your personalized gifts.  As with all other gifts from Lulu’s- your gift will be packed in the container of your choice, wrapped, bowed & a card with your message (or none).


  • When you have approved the items to be included, Lulus will purchase them and send you an invoice.  Once the invoice is paid, the gift will be assembled and mailed.  So the $20 purchase right now is only for the individualized attention and creative processes that go into making your gift just right- however long it takes until you are satisfied. ** $20 fee waived if total gift over $100.


You can also send us personal items to include in the gift if you want to put it over the WOW FACTOR edge.  Think: a piece of jewelry, a special photo, a good luck charm, an old memento between the 2 of you..

There is no charge for this- but we recommend you send us the items with tracking for secured delivery.

Imagine- your parents have been married for 25 years, or your baseball loving grandfather- or your hot air balloon loving grandmother- or your reptile loving brother and music loving sister- now you can specialize gifts for all of them!

Container options from those listed or Lulu can shop for something more personalized.  Keep in mind the size of your container with the number and size of items you choose to fill it.

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Return Policy

Unfortunately, since these gifts will be personalized, we will not maintain an inventory of these items and cannot take them as returns. 



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