Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Create an Account?

Easy Peasy- click here and fill out the info.  You’re on your way to special offers and discounts.

What if I want something I don't see offered?

So easy… just ask!

Let’s say you want an all NASCAR gift? Or all reptile gift? Easy- just ask us. You can either do a Make Your Own gift from all of the items offered OR if you have specific ideas and a budget, but need us to do the shopping and come up with more ideas and present you with some options- we can work on those with a Custom Order *.

* regular shipping times cannot be guaranteed

Shipping Info
Shipping costs are determined by location of your gift recipient in the continental US.  We’re sorry- no out of country shipping services at this time.  Gifts are normally shipped in 4 days or less from the order date.  All packages are mailed USPS (post office) with tracking and guaranteed delivery in 3-5 business days under normal weather and government functioning circumstances.  If you require additional shipping services (ie: overnight, expedited, signature delivery, or to Hawaii/Alaska), please email Lulu’s ( before finalizing your order so the additional shipping charges can be included. ** Remember- free shipping on orders over $125 ** Shipping times cannot be guaranteed on Custom Orders.
Does Gifts by Lulu sell alcohol?

At this time, no, we cannot.

However, a great idea- place a $25 gift card to ABC Liquor so your recipient can get the alcohol of choice.

Can I send you something to include in the gift?

Of course! We’re trying to make this as personalized as you’d like it to be.  If you want to include a photograph- if it’s digital, email it to  If it’s a paper photo- we can provide an address where you send it.

** we will take exceptional care of your items ** it is recommended that you mail it with tracking on it, however.

For example- on Mother’s Day we offered a folding 4×6 wooden frame. We offered to put a Mother’s Day quote on one side and have you send a picture for the other side. It was a great hit- mothers loved getting the wrapped gift basket, opening it up and were shocked to see the picture frame already had a picture of herself with her children- and a quote picked out especially from her child/children. The frame is found HERE.

But we can work with you on anything. If it’s the I Love You Gift and you want to send us jewelry- or the New Puppy Gift and you want to send a picture of the puppy to be included- it’s a great way to add that personal touch with little to no expense.

What if I want to purchase the extra items- but not a themed gift?

Yes!  You just need to go to MAKE YOUR OWN and choose a container and items that total over $25.  Once added to your cart, then you may add any product to your cart.  Just remember the size of your container vs the number of items you’re choosing (25 items won’t fit into a small container- unless they are small items).

What does PR and N stand for after the book and CD titles?

You will see PR (previously read) and N (new) by our book (and Book on CD) selections. This will tell you if the book (or CD) you are choosing has been previously read or is brand new. All previously read books and CDs are in great condition, have full findings, contain all pages and present no glaring defects- but they are not brand new. This is done to keep the cost down and in hopes that you or your gift recipient will recycle the book and CDs when you no longer need it. If the only option for a book or CD is PR and you require a new one- please let us know and it can be arranged, but will have an additional cost.

What's NEW and WHAT'S COMING SOON with Lulu's?

What’s new is our NEW WEBSITE!  We are so excited after months of hard work- our new site is AWESOME!  And credit goes to Kinda Wonderful Creative Solutions.  Reach out to Sarah, she’s the absolute best!

What’s coming soon are some new themed gift ideas!  We’ve got 2-3 ideas we’re working on and trying to finalize before making them available- the first is UP YOURS, CANCER GIFT!  A collection specially designed for those learning to live with a cancer diagnosis.  It will include some items to make chemotherapy and the after-effects more comfortable, but also some items to help calm the fear and unknown.  Above all it allows you to send love and concern to somebody with a gift they can really use and appreciate.

Check back soon.  If you want to be added to our email list- please send an email to us with the subject “ADD ME TO YOUR EMAIL LIST” or even better- CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH US – this will not only give you updated emails with new gift ideas, but also special offers and discounts.

But remember- if you need something you don’t see- just ask us.  Or you can create a Custom Order or Make your Own gift from all the items.

So many options!  So many ways to make it personal.  Gift-giving is no longer a burden.  We do all the work- you take all the credit.