Why You Need Lulu's

Do you want to be a great gift-giver?

What is your biggest obstacle with finding the perfect gift?  Takes too much time?  Don’t know what to get?


Have you ever received the perfect gift?  How did it make you feel?  Have you ever given the perfect gift? How happy was the recipient?  Isn’t that a great feeling?

If you think back to those occasions when you have given (or received) the perfect gift, it’s because the gift had a personal touch, something that was just right…or personal.  You knew somebody put time and thought into it;  the giver knew just what you’d like.

Now that process is a little easier.  Gifts by Lulu lets you add that personal touch to any gift to make it unique.

Lulu’s gives you distinctive choices because we have lots of options.  We start you off with a basic gift idea (theme) and you add additional gifts to enhance it, make it silly, make it fancy- OR you can make your own gift from scratch.  And if you don’t see what you want- JUST ASK US–  we can work with you to make it happen!  Create an account and you’ll receive emails with special offers and discounts.

It’s fun!  It’s easy!  It’s personal!  We do all the work and you take all the credit.  What’s better than that?

LULU’S MISSION – to transform anybody into a great gift-giver by making personalized gifts fun and easy to give!