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My sister just bought her first house and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a gift.  I had no idea what to purchase, then I stumbled across this site’s housewarming basket.  I ordered it on Friday afternoon and it arrived by Monday.   My sister loved it and was thoroughly delighted and surprised.
Thanks Lulu!

Just got the baby gift basket- which is as advertised, but wish the bow had been bigger- I had to take the bow that came with it off and put my own on. 🙁

Karina F

What an outstanding site.  Sure helped me in a pinch. Can’t believe the variation in gifts. Keep up the great work, Gifts by Lulu.

Excellent shopping experience!
Lulu was quick to answer questions I had regarding the mother’s day basket.
My mom received her basket the next business day and thrilled!  She especially liked the bath bombs and candle.  Thanks for taking the stress out of mother’s day shopping!

 I’m so happy I found this site.  My sister and I “prank” each other by hiding an old plastic doll (we used to play with when we were little but its so old and gross now) in each others luggage when we visit each other.  Last time she hid it in my shoe and I didn’t find it until I got home.  Anyway its my turn to hide it in her stuff but I’m not going to see her until Christmas.  So I asked Lulu if I could send it to her and include it in the basket as a prank.  So I got the make your own basket and filled it with cookies and stuff for her birthday and had the doll in it.  My sister called me in hysteric’s when she got it- was so funny.   She also really liked the Shay Butter- said she would get it for me for my birthday.

I ordered the garden basket for my mother in law (just retired) and the car stuff basket for my son.  I wish the car basekt had come with a charger cord- cause he loses his about every 5 minutes!  lol.  My mother in law loved the garden stuff and has already planted the seeds, not sure she use the visor…but overall- very happy with the gifts!

Joan Cohen

Nicely prepared personalized gifts. I received one of these and loved it! I highly recommend this company!

Dear Lulu,
I just wanted to say thanks for taking such great care of my orders. Both my  mom and step mom received them the next day and absolutely loved their bath balms, yoga socks, tea lamp, lotions, etc.!!!
I will definitely use your services again
Erin D